Citizens of the Planet

Moderate muslims have a responsibility to "capture back' their Islamic religion.  Like the moderate Jews and Rabbi Kahan some years ago,  jews and muslims must reject publically and loudly the radical "fringe" of their constituency. 

So too, moderate, intelligent Americans must "capture back" America and stop squandering the reputation of America.  What we currently stand for and how we presently deal with the world, is not how I want my country to represent me or my attitude towards others in the world.  I don't want to be a  bully or arrogant. I want to be smarter than that.  I don't want my country to be a bully or arrogant.  I want my country to be smarter than that.

It is Fundamentalism that is at the core of the problem.  Fundamentalism in Religion , in Politics, in any belief that one fights for with immovable ferver.

The radical religious right in America threatens the honor and reputation of the US around the world.  I don't want my country to stand for shortsightedness and selfishness.  I want my country to represent strength, maturity (to know how and when to use our strength), compassion, intelligence, fairness, tolerance.  We Americans must be citizens of the planet.  We must show the rest of the world how to be citizens of the planet before they are citizens of any particular nationality, religion or any labled category of earth inhabitants.

Did the Japanese have an obligation to speak up against Japan as a pre-requisite to non-internment.

Fundamentalism and Democrats