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Living A Long Life - NPR essay

Rose Garfunkel 1911 - 2005
Calligraphy & Computer Standards
Calculated Risks
Writing an Essay
Five Most Valuable Public School Classes
The Digital Divide Between Generations
JG Papers at Babbage Institute
Public Directory of JG published materials
Games and Education - The Experimental Logic Class
Merit Society - a proposal for an "elite" school squad
The Logic Class
Videoconferencing (IVC) Considerations
Classroom to Classroom Digital Collaboration - Research
Technology Lessons:  Telementoring     Telecollaboration     Handhelds    Pop Web-Quiz
Parents linking to the classroom
Ubiquitous Computing - Waiting for the Handheld Revolution
Benefits of Educational Handhelds - an analysis in education
Questions & QuestioningPower of Questioning
Blogs and Internet Contextual Background
Internet Communications in Education - Benefits and Cautions
Classroom-to-Classroom Portal project research
Early childhood ethics education
Sarcasm & Learning observation
Thresholds of technology
Multiple perspection, Thank you Mrs. Liu,  commentary of Eric Liu interview
Citizens of the Planet
Click Flash, experimental PC time waster game of reflex
Object-oriented curriculum systems design
Internet Acceptable Use Policy for schools
Collected Garfunkel COBOL papers
COBOL and Coca-cola TM
COBOL: Still Relevant After All These Years, 2003
No Apologies for COBOL
The Heart of COBOL  -  Compilations interview
Modern COBOL (It's time to take the gloves off), 1996
COBOL Functions Illustrated 
All My Dreams Are In COBOL

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