Technology: Telementoring  Lesson plan
The purpose of this lesson plan is to create a telementoring series of conversations between a mentor in Long Island and a university class in Montana.  Specifically, Irving Roth, a survivor of the Holocaust, is located at the CW Post campus of Long Island University in Brookville, Long Island, New York.  Weekly 60 - 80 minute, online interactive video conferences - conversations with undergraduate Art students at the University of Montana, in Dillon Montana are conducted.
Each weekly conversation will be planned in advance and supported with Powerpoint slides and other documents transmitted over the IVC communication line.  The official project web site will support posting Art work, discussions, and other materials. (It is currently under development).  It will use Poly-Com's videoconferencing system.

Jerry Garfunkel

Lesson Topic/Title


Perpertraters and Bystanders : A conversation about the Holocaust, Irving Roth and Art Students from the University of Montana

Age and Grade Level

Grade appropriate:   9-12,  post-HS

Historical cognition
Compassion, Prejudice reduction,
Cross Culture education
Understanding limits of morality, humanity,
Face our own History - repetitions of genecides       ...(Cambodia/Croatia/Danphur, et al)
Art Work relating to the Holocaust conversation will be showcased
Students will maintain individual Blogs as well as a collaborative Blog or Newsletter
The telementor, Irving Roth, will have short bio's of each of the students he will be talking to  so he can know his students a little more intimately.

IVC,  audio and video conferencing,
2-way video, with 1-way remote control for Irv to see students and pan and zoom .
IMing and posted FTP documents available on Collaborative Web page (created already)

Online academic and hlocaust research

Learning Environment
Lesson (Unit) Length

Technology Setup

The lesson is designed to run over a period of 10 to 15 weeks, with 1 to 1.5 hours per week of interactive audio/video conversation between two parties in different locations.
Audio/Video receiving and transmission equiptment  will be set up in  both locations - CW Post library and a classroom at the Univ of Montana in Dillon Montana.  Furthermore, Irving will have a document camera to simultaneously stream documents as well as video.  Irving will have remote control of both the panning and the zooming of the camera in Montana.  The video stream will be captured on digital media (harddisk, DVD, etc.) for later editing.

Overview of Project
Provide a list of the procedures that you (and your students) will follow in this lesson. 

Web home page will reflect all references and links mentioned during the online conversation.  Each videoconference conversation will be captured digitally, edited and made available in an archived collection. Eventually, with collaborative help from fellow graduate students these conversations will be indexed by key topics and stored in a online database for immediate access to audio/video portions of the series of conversations
It is a rare opportunity to converse with an articulate senior citizen who was 16 years old when the Russians came to Auschwitz-Birkenwal in 1945 and liberated the concentration camp exposing the horrors of the holocaust.

The web home page will showcase all student art relating to the conversation.

Connection to Outcomes
Student Work Evaluations

Blogs and emails will be analyzed to deduce level of prejudice reduction.  The simple act of questioning exposes stereotypes that can be addressed by the mentor.

Students will be encouraged to IM and write emails with mentor.  Mentor, with assistance will respond.

NY State Content Standards

This lesson plan meets the following NYS Technology Standards Design, Tools, Computer, System, Impact and Technology management.

Not addressed by this lesson plan is technology's history and evolution

ISTE Standards
Provide list of ISTE (technology) standards that you feel your use of technology addresses.

This lesson plan addresses the following ISTE technlogy standards: Basic operations, social/ethical issues, technology communications, technology research.  Social, ethical and human issues in particular as well as technology, productivity and communications tools will be exploited quite a bit in this lesson plan.

ISTE technology standards not addressed by this lesson plan are technology productivity tools.  The internet use will be limited to assigned research and posting discussion and Art work.

Rationale for your use of the Web

why you think this is a good use of the Web

This telementoring project is an ideal use of the communications aspects of the internet.  It allows audio and video live exchanges with an expert and real-life holocaust survivor, as well as presentation of slides and artwork. It is a rare opportunity, becoming rarer every year, to herar first hand experiences of those who sufferered, first hand, through the halocaust.  In addition the web home site can serve as a "headquarters"

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