Calculated Risks
In this world there are
rigid people
("computer types")
who stick to a narrow range of
"acceptable behavior"
Then there are the
who live close to the
of acceptable behavior - their
high imaginations
keep them near the
of the
"calculated safe risk zone."
Sometimes this is because of poor "arithmetic" skills
(i.e. they lack the required skills to make safe choices)
and sometimes because artists discovered that it is worth taking
risks  to sense the  better life the unusual the deeper the fuller life.
In the
"relative measure"

of risk taking we are all about the same
- each of us lives close to her/his own limits of vulnerability.

In the
"absolute measure,"

however, of the content  and quality of the risks taken, we are vastly different from one another,
cats included.

Needing to sleep in a tree in December to survive the night, leaves no time

(or very little anyway)

for Bach, etc.

1988  Jerome Garfunkel
Woodstock, NY   12498-1145