Living A Long Life - epilog

I had the pleasure of reading my essay, Living a Long Life, on National Public Radio last month, just before Mother's Day. I made an audio recording the day it was aired and gave the cassette tape to my mother as a Mothers Day gift. It was a public affirmation of my love and respect for this marvelous woman. She was more overjoyed than I expected. She proudly played that tape for everyone who visited this past month. In that essay, I described how blessed she is that at 93 years old, my mother is still ". . . adding 'highlights' to her life - the kind of highlights that one might devote an entire chapter to in their published memoirs."

My mother died this morning, peacefully. She lived to be loved and she was loved very much; she knew it. Along with the sadness is a feeling of happiness that she was adding highlights to her life until the very end.

Jerry Garfunkel
Woodstock, NY
June 17th, 2005