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portions of this profile are from an IBM worldwide broadcast conference introduction of Jerome Garfunkel

Jerome Garfunkel is an international consultant specializing in learning systems design and technology. In the commercial IT (Information Technology) community around the world, he is recognized as one of the leading authorities in the field of international computer standards and programming languages, in particular, COBOL.

He has served as a senior technical advisor to the US Department of Commerce and the US Department of Interior. In addition, he sat on several American and International IT industry committees and has represented the United States in the international IT standardization community. (See below ***) He is a lecturer, an author, a consultant and an educator, an actor, a calligrapher and a perpetual student. His life long work on the development of the COBOL programming language made him intimately involved with the Y2K crisis - both its cause and its solution. "Dr." Garfunkel wrote and lectured extensively about the global Y2K crisis at the turn of the new millennium. As an educator, lecturer and technologist he speaks with authority about leading edge technologies and how they affect our lives now and in the future. His technical presentations cover a broad range including: the integration of web-based technologies with (IT) legacy systems as well as the integration of technology into education - tools, resources and systems design. Jerome Garfunkel was awarded the degree of Doctorate, Honoris Causa in Technology, from De Montfort University in Leicester, England for his life-time contributions to the Software Engineering community. His collection of technical papers, memoranda and notes is housed in the Charles Babbage Institute in Minnesota for historical research. Included is the large body of his writings appearing in books, IT journals, magazines and newspapers around the world.

affect fundamental change
. . . in how we learn.

Jerome Garfunkel is the quintessential "teacher." His unique ability to present technical material in an imaginative and coherent manner has earned him the respect of the information management community around the world. He has authored several books and hundreds of articles in the American and International press (See Y2K Journal cover and Press Clippings). In the computer programming community he is often referred to as "Dr. COBOL" because of his contributions to the development of the COBOL programming language. Following a successful career in the IT industry, at the age of 58, Garfunkel returned to school for a Masters of Science degree in Educational Technology.  His self-defined mission is to use technology to affect fundamental change, globally, in how we learn.

Below are some of the committees on which Jerome Garfunkel has served:

The ANSI Standards Planning & Requirements Committee
The ANSI Programming Language Study Group
The International Committee on Programming Language Guidelines (ISO)
The American COBOL Committee (ANSI)
The International COBOL Committee (ISO)
The Object Oriented COBOL Committee


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